Profecta is a not-for-profit organisation that offers completely free tutoring and mentoring to Year 12 students from rural and remote areas of New South Wales.

'Profecta’ is a Latin word meaning progress, success and fulfilment. These values are what we aim to deliver to our students.

An Equal Playing Field


We understand that students from rural and remote areas have a harder time graduating from high school and progressing on to university than students from urban areas.

According to a recent report on educational opportunity in Australia, this educational inequality is pronounced:

'By age 19, there is a 14.3% difference in Year 12 completion between those living in major cities and those in inner regional areas, with the gap further increasing with remoteness.

Similarly, participation in higher education by age 24 is considerably greater for major cities than other areas of Australia (48.5% for major cities and 29.4% for outer regional areas).' 

Among other factors, the reduced access to extra-assistance and advice outside of the classroom in rural and remote areas poses a challenge to students when preparing for the HSC and working out post-school opportunities.

To help address this inequality Profecta seeks to provide students from regional and rural NSW with the best possible out-of-school assistance through a tutoring and mentoring program focused on helping them fulfil their potential and progress on to University.

Having a mentor who has recently completed the HSC with a 99+ ATAR allows students to gain access to a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips. Through regular group sessions with peers throughout the school year, students are able to grow personally and academically into the best version of themselves.



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